This education and awareness program provides the opportunity to learn about First Peoples’ history and current issues experientially through the perspectives of Indigenous youth.  Using interactive activities, discussion and active engagement, you are invited to face the challenges of today and yesterday honestly, responsibly and with compassion.

Please join us as we explore the Indigenous Journey.

Designed by Teachers for Easily Implementable Classroom Use


Indigenous Educators have collaborated to create in-depth learning modules and support materials designed to help students understand important topics in Indigenous culture and history including residential schools to major contributions Indigenous Peoples have given the world.

What topics does this program cover?

With so many complex and challenging topics to cover we understand what you need as a teacher to make content engaging and impactful!

The Big Picture – Introduction, Timelines & Important Historical Events

Indigenous World Views from an Anishinaabe Perspective

Residential Schools

Standard of Living & The Indian Act

Indigenous Contributions to Society

Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Youth Suicide & Youth-led Movements

Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada & Culminating Activity


“It’s a new day! And the time has come for the exploration of Indigenous contributions to the reformation of a new Canada built on equity, well-being and acknowledgement of rights, histories, cultures, languages and faith traditions of many Indigenous Nations.


The Indigenous Journey provides a marker for us along the trail to reconciliation.”

Kahontakwas Diane Longboat
Education Advisor to the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Education

Activities, stories, powerful discussions, videos and games all make sure students truly absorb and reflect upon the lesson content. We even fit with Canada’s education guidelines for Indigenous perspectives!

The Indigenous Journey App to Support Your Classroom


Communities Working Together

All content has been created in partnership with First Nations, Inuit & Métis community members.

The Odawa Midewiwin Medicine Society

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